NLE (Nurses Licensure Examination)

Be one with the thousands of registered professionals, Be a registered nurse! Review with us!


The Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) holds the Nurses Licensure Examination (NLE) twice a year, every June and December. Before taking the licensure examination, equip yourself with updated knowledge on nursing concepts and good testmanship. How to do it? The answer is simple, review with us!

Dr. Carl E. Balita Review Center (CBRC) offers a three-month comprehensive review for the NLE. The review consists of the following: (1) Intensive daily lecture, which is an 8-hour lecture from top-caliber reviewers from different institutions all over the Philippines. (2) Online review, where you can review anytime and anywhere. The online review is filled with handouts and modules to supplement the daily lectures. (3) SMS review, with our textblast technology, you can receive concept bullets and sample board questions with answer and rationale through your cellphones. And of course, (4) The Ultimate Final Coaching, this is a week-long whole-day session jam-packed with salient points to prepare you for the actual licensure examination.

In CBRC, you will not only learn, but enjoy the learning process, through our various stress management activities integrated in the program.

Review with us and live your dream of becoming a registered nurse with your best board rating!


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