CLE (Criminologist Licensure Exam)

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Goals and Objectives

The goal of the program is to reinforce the knowledge of review students in critically and effectively analyzing each item of the CRIMINOLOGY LICENSURE EXAMINATION and get at least 75% as the passing rate or higher to be part of the topnotch passers.

Specifically, the CBRC CLE Review aims to develop the following:

  1. Critical and Analytical thinking skills in taking the examination;
  2. Test-taking strategies to get the right answer in each of the item in every subject in the examination; and
  3. Confidence and readiness to accomplish the examination on time through time management and to ace it through relevant and ultimate learning experience.

REVIEW Inclusions:

  1. Updated Review Materials and Handouts
  2. Ultimate Learning Guide Book for Criminology
  3. Innovative Online Review through Video Lectures and Several Contextualized Questions to Answer
  4. Criminology Bulltes
  5. Mock Test and Rationalizations
  6. Criminology Booster
  7. Pre – Board Exam
  8. Ultimate Final Coaching


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