CSE (Civil Service Exam)

Be Eligible Public Servants By Passing The Civil Service Examination With Cbrc


Aspiring public servants and Senior High School graduates can now be ELIGIBLES for PUBLIC SERVICE!

Senior high school graduates in the Philippines have been prepared to work through the skills training and knowledge-based learning conducted inside and outside the four-walled classroom. Business industries consider them for possible employment, but the government is still considered to be the biggest and the most stable employer to give job opportunities to the said school graduates.

Likewise, individuals who finished two years in college and those holders of bachelor’s degrees without professional board examinations can also take the eligibility exam to be qualified for public service.

Several government posts are open for them to consider such as clerical and or administrative support designations.

The key to land to the foregoing positions is government eligibility through passing both the Paper and Pencil Test (CSE PPT) or Computerized Examination (CSE COMEX) in either two levels of examination: professional or sub-professional, respectively. Unlike the usual difference in educational attainment requirement to be able to take a specific type of exam, as per the update in the Civil Service Commission website, as long as you are a Filipino citizen and 18 years old, you are qualified to take any of the said exams, pass, and work in the government.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the program is to reinforce the knowledge of review students in critically and effectively analyzing each item of the Civil Service Exam and get at least 80% as the passing rate or higher to be part of the topnotch passers.

Specifically, the CSE Review for Senior High School graduates aims to develop the following among the the Civil Service hopefuls:

  1. Critical and Analytical thinking skills in taking the examination;
  2. Test-taking strategies to get the right answer in each of the item in every subject in the examination; and
  3. Confidence and readiness to accomplish the examination on time through time management and to ace it through relevant and ultimate learning experience.

REVIEW Inclusions:

  1. Integrative and Integrative lectures for both types of the exam (Professional and Sub-professional)
  2. Updated and relevant review materials and handouts
  3. Innovative online review through video lectures and several contextualized questions to answer
  4. Hundreds of Practical Test Questions and Cerebral Drills
  5. Comprehensive Math and English Learning sessions
  6. Mock Test and Rationalizations
  7. All-inclusive Final Coaching

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